Windows Phone Failure

Check it out – a leaked photo of the much anticipated Walkman Phone, to be announced by Sony soon. The revolutionary CD player purportedly includes cellular capabilities among its many novel features. Note the code instructing users to insert a CD.

Nice try Microsoft, you almost had us fooled. A CD on a phone? No surprise coming from Microsoft. Their “desktop” OS seems to think it’s mobile device software, so why not ask users to insert CDs on their mobile phones? At least the confusion is consistent across Microsoft’s line of software.

image via Johnny Ruokokoski



Unlike Microsoft, this computer store apparently knows what people want… more or less. They’re smart to offer Windows 7,  but their sign contains an error. Moving from Windows 8 to Windows 7 isn’t a downgrade at all. It’s an upgrade.

Downgrade from Windows 8


…the main UI restricts users to a single window, so the product ought to be renamed “Microsoft Window.”

Windows 8 – I’ve seen a few reviews, both apathetic and antagonistic, but I found this statement from Neilson Norman Group amusing.