Speaking of Fedex… they may offer a lot of shipping options, but apparently they don’t deliver these.


Creative transportation – this reminds me of my time in Bolivia.



Does FedEx think the second ad will convince me if the first fails?

Near my house, there is a double billboard; two ad spaces that sit side by side on one structure. For the longest time, both spaces contained an army recruiting ad. The first didn’t make me want to join the army. Neither did the second.


Maybe I’m missing something. Are side-by side ads some fancy new form of 3D technology? Will an army recruiting officer jump from the billboard if I view it with 3D glasses? Will a package pop out of the Fedex page if I view it on a 3D screen? Billboard space is expensive. Ad slots on websites are valuable. Why squander opportunities with redundant ads?


Here we see evolution. Note the primitive, ugly ancestral scrollbars from prehistory. Later generations look less harsh. Moving to the present day, we enter an era of beautiful, refined scrollbars.

But don’t forget the modern Sasquatch of scrollbars. Open an Adobe CS6 application to find a modern day neanderthal.