What I’ve Done – 3/21

At times I can be a disorganized person. Consequently, lists can be a lifesaver. But at the same time I dislike lists because they don’t account for future complications: plans must be dynamic, lists can’t be unless you’re constantly (wasting time) rewriting them. The list I posted on the 14th seemed great, but things have taken unexpected turns, and the due dates I set aren’t working out. My original intention was to knock out the leave behind and blurb book right away. As it turns out, materials for both have been delayed and won’t arrive until Saturday or Sunday…

That has left me with a lot of time to work on my website. I’ve also been working in DVD studio pro – trying to remember how to navigate around the vast and powerful application.Who knew there could be so many things to tweak when making a simple DVD menu!

Even so, I’ve managed to remain productive. My activities over the last two days have included:

  • Attempting to write copy for my website ( a task I find rather tough)
  • Keyword search/SEO for my website
  • Tweaking colors, fonts, and code on my website – I feel like it’s looking better
  • Printing resumes
  • Working in DVD Studio Pro to build the menu for my leave behind DVD


Playing with custom fonts – do they work together?





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