The new MacBook Pro’s sides bothered me. The ports are split up – some on each side. I can’t argue that Apple doesn’t know how to engineer the insides of a computer and probably split the ports up for good reason, but I don’t like it.

I have a previous generation MBP, one with ALL ports on the left side. I really like this. All the cord clutter is contained. My desk is arranged so that my peripherals live on the left side of my Mac. There is never any confusion or problem with running out of cords on one side, or running cords all around my computer. And for whatever it’s worth, I run the power cord around the back of my laptop, keeping it away from all data cables and avoiding interference.

Granted, spreading ports on two sides is nowhere near as pathetic putting ports all the way around a computer (like countless older machines, and even some new or recent HP models with headphone/audio jacks on the front of the laptop). I had a couple bombproof Dell and IBM laptops with ports sprinkled all over the machine, much like the guns on a heavily armed tank. Ports on the back are the worst. I mean, who wants to pick up their computer and look behind it just to plug something in. And then when picking it up, you bust your thumb drive or the port on the back of the computer.

To sum it all up, Apple is still ahead of the PC bunch here, but I think they’re going backwards.


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