Meet the pancake – 40mm, f/2.8, ultra thin, this is the ultrabook of lenses.

My 50mm lens seems a tad long in some applications, probably since I’m shooting on a cropped APS-C sensor, which makes my 50 feel like an 80mm lens. Perhaps the forty would be just wide enough to feel right.

But in this world of HDSLR cameras, I’m concerned that my lenses emphasize HD just as much as my camera. In short, I want lenses that work well for video as well as photos. That wee little focus ring on that stubby little lens looks like manual focus misery. And then I saw a little note saying the lens uses new “STM” technology to provide continual autofocus in video mode. Yee-haw! Woopie! Where’s my wallet? (Granted, “PayPal password” would be more accurate) But I was dumb enough to miss the red flag – new technology. New technology usually requires other new technology to function properly.

Further reading revealed that this fantastic “STM” technology wouldn’t work on my 7D. How about buying a T4i? Ya know, I think I’ll stick with manual focusing my 50mm.


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